50 Cent Buys Murder Inc Records

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Years after they were the heavyweights of hip-hop, it has been announced that 50 Cent’s record label G-Unit Records has purchased his former rival Ja Rule’s record label Murder Inc. for the meager sum of 50,000 dollars.

Murder Inc. went on sale at an IRS auction several weeks ago unbeknown to most of the public until it was found by 50 Cent’s attorney Michael Barlow. Once he was informed about the situation, he jumped at the opportunity.

He went on to say, “there’s no way I could pass this up. I just heard Ja had fell on hard times, working as a janitor. How could I not buy Murder Inc.? Between me and you, I can’t wait to remake Between Me and You.”

It has been announced that Ja Rule used a portion of the 50,000 earned from the sale of Murder Inc. towards the purchase of a 2005 Buick LaSabre.


via celebtricity
(the truthfulness of this article is yet to be determined.)

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