2 Queens From Queens

2 Queens from Queens is a weekly hour and a half long podcast focusing on current events, industry news, community topics, Q&A sessions, while introducing our hottest discussion “Lipstick & Cocktails” which is a “no hold barred” with the shows weekly special guest. This podcast will feature frequent guests from the entertainment industry, professional athletes, politicians, community leaders and local individuals. Each week viewers and listeners will have the opportunity at the end of each show for a Q&A. Viewers will be exposed to the life of two mothers from Queens, NY with children, who have high-profile fathers.Shaniqua and Liza met back in 2012, while both being prospects and stars for a upcoming reality show Starter Wives. With so many unique similarities and experiences, they began to build a powerful friendship, ultimately developing their own podcast 2 Queens from Queens. The combination of these two beautiful queens will allow them to finally have their own platform for their voice to talk about revelation of their life, opinions, and views of the world through the eyes of Shaniqua and Liza..”Two” Queens from Queens and Don’t Get it Twisted!