Shaniqua Tompkins

From Walking down the streets of Queens, New York  in a pair Gucci Boots to posing humbly on red carpets wearing the hottest designers dresses, Shaniqua Tompkins has held the word “Queen” at the highest standard. Shaniqua Tompkins aka Niq, was born in East Elmhurst, Queens and raised in Jamaica Queens on September 17. Growing up as a Queen Native, Niq fell in love with philosophy and literature, therefore she focused on Liberal Arts as her major at The City University of New York. She has always had a powerful voice by being an Advocate for Domestic Violence and Victim Services. Shaniqua is also known as the mother of Hip- Hop Artist, Rapper, 50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise Jackson. Shaniqua has always pushed her children into the best light in the world and while doing so,she became a voice on social media for a lot of mothers  battling with being a single mother. Shaniqua quotes “Our listeners will get the Candid Truth”.