Purfek Music

[promo image=”8948″]Purfek Music, our artist development and consulting division of the Purfek Storm Group, was created to offer opportunities to new and/or aspiring artists of music who are looking for direction and a network of other artists with whom to collaborate.  Our consulting division seeks to advise and counsel anyone who is serious about a career in music and by offering those individuals an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills, monitor and share their progress, and further, provide to those individuals feedback on their material. It is our overall objective to take what our clients have in music, and help make it “Purfek Music”.

Submit your material today and instantly become eligible for representation consideration under Purfek Storm Management.

Become a client today and take advantage of all of our resources including a dance rehearsal hall, state of the art recording studio, in-house photographers/videographers, stylists, radio professionals, and music distribution professionals.  Clients also gain access to select Purfek Storm events, music placement opportunities, and  showcases at various events.  In a nutshell, our clients gain the benefit of:

  • Networking with other musicians/artists.
  • Having the opportunity to showcase your talent before friends, fans, and potentially new followers.
  • Being considered for collaboration projects with key player’s.
  • Recording individual projects.
  • Earn income from their talent in music.

To learn more about our Purfek Music’s consulting services, please contact us directly at info@purfekstorm.com, or call 212-422-4990.

If you feel your skills need polishing in vocal performance, or with an instrument such as piano, guitar, violin, etc, please visit our Purfek Music Academy for details on available courses and receive a discounted rate to participate.[/promo][promo image=”9068″]“All artists are faced with challenges of maintaining a presence that is marketable, while also working to keep their skills at top performance levels. At Purfek Storm, we have the resources to assist our clients in their growth and development in-house. Our Purfek Music division focuses on making sure that our artist development resources are kept up to date and current to be sure that all of our clients are provided the best value possible. We are second to none when it comes to developing artists and preparing them for long lasting careers in music.[/promo][callout type=”center” button_icon=”adjust” title=”Interested in Purfek Music?” message=”Email info@purfekstorm.com to set up an appointment.” button_text=”Click Here” href=”mailto:info@purfekstorm.com”]