Sam Haye

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That’s the question of the day…of the year…of the CENTURY!

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Samuel C.M. Haye, better known by his stage name, Sam Haye, is an up and coming artist from New York. Now residing in Dover, Delaware, Sam Haye has been working tirelessly towards achieving his musical goals and aspirations. Recently, Sam Haye released his first project entitled, WHO IS SAM HAYE, which includes sixteen tracks. The project, WHO IS SAM HAYE, is in a way, the “Coming out Party” for the artist and his music career. Although the body of work is a youthful one, it is a genuinely heart-felt piece that ultimately explains to the listener who Sam Haye is, at this stage in his life. To be so young, eighteen years of age, lyrically Sam Haye is ahead of his time. The quality of songs on WHO IS SAM HAYE is out of this world. It is safe to say that the young talent was finding himself on this project and has a lot of growth and development that needs to be done. However, the listener can tell that although Sam Haye has to adjust and carve his own lane, he has a bright and shiny future ahead of him and will successfully do so.

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