Purfek Filmz, Inc.

A part of our “new age” media conglomerate is Purfek Filmz, which consists of our video production division. Our unique experience provides us with various advantages within the film industry. Through our innovative projects, we ensure top quality production that brings a “new perspective” for the film industry.

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  • Project planning
  • Budget scheduling
  • Scout locations
  • Create or refine EPK or Reel
  • Staffing cast, crew or production teams
  • Concierge Services


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  • Accounting/services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Editing Services
  • Stock Footage
  • Scores for production
  • and many more…

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Our Current Reality Projects

Through our reality division we specialize in producing TV projects from beginning to end as well as submitting to various networks.  Our projects include:

To find out more about our film projects and services, send us an email here. ←

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