Ghostface Will Knock Your A$$ Out!

At 44 years old, Ghostface Killah is still no one to play with—on or off the mic. Although he may appear on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” and be a fan of skydiving and hang-gliding, don’t get it confused. One listen to 2014’s 36 Seasons is a cold wake-up call that Tony Starks has something to prove, to his fans, his hood (in character form, anyway), and to himself.

Starks was recently accosted by a concert-goer who reportedly flipped him the bird (or middle-finger) throughout a concert. As the lyrics to “Mighty Healthy” warned, “Fuck with Ghost, you’ll feel sorry.”

So what transpires? Well, Ghost speaks his mind to the fan—who maybe was on drugs (given the fact he paid money to stand there and diss the main act?). Then, Ghost dares the Houston, Texas showgoer to take it that other level. When he doesn’t, fellow attendees take it upon themselves (and a couple of punches connect), and that’s when Ghost’ takes pity on the fan—and waves off the dedicated fans, before the disruptor is escorted out by the yellow-shirts.

via AFH

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