High School Reverses ‘I Cant Breathe’ T-Shirt Ban

The famous words of Eric Garner ‘I Cant Breathe’ has been sweeping the nation. Most communities have been seen protesting around the country chanting those very words as well as wearing T-shirts that also read ‘I Cant Breathe’.

At Mendocino High School, the boys and girls teams were told they could not play in the three-day event if they wore the shirts displaying Eric Garner’s last words — “I Can’t Breathe.”

That all Changed this past Monday when First Amendment Lawyer Karen Boyd intended to file a federal court motion arguing that barring the shirts violated the free speech rights of student athletes.

So to avoid any legal action, Mendocino High School has now reversed their ban that will allow both boys and girls teams to wear these shirts during games as long as it uncontrollable.

There is nothing better than seeing a group of young powerful minds coming together to stand for something they believe in.

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