Purfek Music Launch Event

The Purfek Storm Group family would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for an amazing launch event of Purfek Music.  As many of you know, Purfek Music is a platform created by Purfek Storm Group to develop artists and assist them in their endeavors to produce and strategically promote their music.  During the event, attendees gathered in our unofficial VIP room next to our in house rehearsal studio and made some great connections, others heard some great stories from our Purfek Storm client/author, Calvin “Klien” Bacote, and many asked questions about Purfek Music.

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On the other side, artists, friends, and family hung out on our main floor and drank Clement Rhum and Birthday Cake wine (sponsors for the event), chowed down on some super tasty cake, took pictures in front of our banner, and mingled while listening to E Double spin music of both, today and yesterday.

We will continue to move in a positive direction and make the Purfek Music experience one that is memorable and representative of who we are, and what we are all about….. Turning Dreams into a Reality!

Enjoy the video clip from the evening, and be sure to come back on July 15th and witness a performance from independent artist, Kat Doray.


Tyrone Taylor
GM, Purfek Music

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